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At Global Songwriters Connection (GSC), we realize that the first point of contact is the first point of sale. When you are connecting with music industry professionals, your bio is usually the first point of contact with them. A great bio is a minimum requirement to doing business as a singer/songwriter. It is also the first step to getting the gigs you need, to open the door for that publisher meeting, to the audition you are trying to schedule, and the warm handshake that develops into a deeper connection.

However, if you are like most people, attempting to write about yourself and your accomplishments can be a bit awkward, not to mention how challenging it is to capture a lifetime of accomplishments in a concise and interesting manner that will make someone take the time to read it.

That’s where GSC Biography Support Services come in! Our team of industry pros has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of artist bios, press kits, and electronic press kits (EPKs), so they will apply that knowledge to help set you apart and create your distinct music industry brand. GSC staff professionals will work with you to craft your story, to create a bio that is uniquely you, to help you stand out among your peers, and to ultimately better position you for success.

Whether you simply need to update your bio or refresh your entire EPK presentation to fit today’s market, let GSC help you feel confident every time you send out your bio that the first point of contact won’t be the last!

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Our Bio Expert

Amber Stanton

Amber Stanton is a 2004 Baccalaureate graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. Music has always been a part of Amber’s life. Amber’s mother loves to tell how Amber could sing before she could talk, mimicking notes and scales while sitting in her infant carrier and learning to sing harmony at five years old in the bathtub with her identical twin sister, Andrea. Music runs in the family with instruments being played by all including piano, trumpet, bass, guitar, viola, and French horn. Amber sang throughout her life in church and in high school jazz and madrigal choir and was the third Alto in the State of Tennessee in 1998. She is currently a singing member of Nashville in Harmony, a chorus whose mission is using music to build community and create social change.

Amber also spent much of her life writing, loving the written word as soon as she was able to read. In fact, she loved to read so much that her mother bought boxes of books at garage sales to keep her stocked in material. She started writing short stories and poetry when in middle and high school and was nominated for the Freshman Writing Award in 2000 for a story written about her family’s travel with the Mormon migration in the 1840s. Amber’s passion for words led her to work on other projects as an editor. Amber found that she could help others bring their story to life on paper in a way that reflected their own personality and style, while still maintaining accuracy and efficiency. Amber has been able to merge her love of music and love of writing by offering bio development for artists in the music industry.

Amber was married in 2011 to entrepreneur and business owner, Rachel Stanton. Together they run their company, Diversity Builder, Inc., which provides Internet Marketing and Corporate Training Services to businesses across the nation.

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