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  1. Publisher Online Pitch with Shawn Bowling

    January 29 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  2. GSC Christian Focus Event February

    February 6 @ 8:00 am - February 8 @ 5:00 pm
  • Adrian Tigen
    Adrian Tigen
    Global Songwriters Member Spotlight Adrian Tigen, Musician/Singer/Songwriter Adrian Tigen is a country singer, guitar player and songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Country music never was a well promoted musical genre in South America, so...
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Songwriting Tips

My inspirational songwriting tip to help you in your career. Please check this often - Sheree'

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Tuesday Tip Day! #songwritingtips

Are you struggling to find a cowriter? This video is for you!
Also share it with other songwriters you know who might need some encouragement today!
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Weekly Wrap Up #wrapup
Congratulations to GSC Members! 2015 – The MAGIC…has begun!

“Wow! I want an appointment with this writer!”

That is what publisher Stephen Duncan from Centricity Music said when GSC member Laureen Smith played two of her songs at our GSC Publisher Online Christian Pitch event last night! In 2014 GSC provided our members with 97 in person publisher meetings through our Publisher Online Pitch events. We are expecting great results and ACTUAL SIGNINGS from our POP Events in 2015. If YOU want this type of results…JOIN GSC TODAY!

“I want a copy of this song.”

Special congrats to the members below whose songs were taken by the publisher for further listening and consideration.

Luticia Cheatham, MO
Patrick Dodge, NY
Tom Flocco, PA (who was given a chance to tweak the song and resubmit)
Justin Murray, OK, (who was also provided the opportunity to tweak and resubmit)
Stephen Rew, CO
Laureen Smith, PA (who had 2 songs taken by the publisher)

Feeling alone out there? Frustrated? Not sure what to do next? Tired of trying to do this by yourself?

Make GSC a part of your TEAM!
Schedule a Career Mentoring Session or Song Evaluations Session! It is that simple! You are NOT alone! We are in your corner!

This Week's Amazing Mentoring Sessions!

When you are receiving, instruction, guidance, direction and sometimes correction, it is really important to receive that information from mentors you can trust who have your best interests at heart and know who you are! We don’t usually do this, but we wanted to thank the members below for trusting GSC with your songs, your dreams, and your willingness to learn. YOU ROCK!

Katelyn Marie
Marey Knightly
Nancy Moser
Josh Johnson
Casey Carpenter
Nancy Deckant
Elizabeth Hollins
Josh Sallo
Shane Taylor
Cindy Stratham
Doug Folkins
Gary Freeland
Darin Martin

Genre Specific GSC Mentors coming to GSC!

Pop/Film-TV Genre
GSC is expanding our services by adding genre specific mentors who are experts in their field. Do you write in the POP Genre of Music? Do you think you have great songs specifically for FILM/TV? GSC is bringing on publisher Devon DeVries to mentor with you for these specific markets! Be watching for Devon’s GSC Calendar!

2015 - The Year of MAGIC!

Have a great weekend and see you next week with a very special Tuesday Tip Day!
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Diana Williams is out last artist of the night! Let's end this night with a BANG!!

Diana Williams is a writer of truths and lies. She is a freelance writer of songs, stories and articles. With an Oklahoma accent and background, it is natural that most of her writing and singing finds its way to the country genre, but she has written gospel, pop and blues from both the male and female perspective. Her songs are known to have an embedded message that makes you remember a cobweb of something nostalgic or a little tidbit of a self-help book that found its way into a lyric to provide a moral to the story with a light touch.
She is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, leads a local writing group, has co-written lyrics and melodies for other songwriters, and occasionally sings with a local band for charity.
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
e. e. cummings
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Carlene Thissen is the next to last songwriter on the roster tonight! Carlene is a POP Event veteran and we can't wait to hear what she has sent in tonight! Learn more about Carlene below.

Like many songwriters, I was raised with music. My father sang and played the banjo, guitar, piano and accordion. When we were very young, my sister Kathy and I would do duets with him in the taverns where he played and sang with his friends. I took piano lessons from Mrs. Mansfield and my father taught me the guitar. I sang folk music for my friends as a teenager, mostly Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. When I got older I played and sang by myself from the pulpit at some of the early folk masses in our church. I sang in back yards and in choirs most of my adult life.
As I approached fifty, I realized I needed to do more with my life. Spiritual friends helped me find my way to a new world, all revolving around music. I started singing with little children at the Guadalupe Center in a nearby agricultural community called Immokalee, Florida. (Immokalee rhymes with broccoli). Later I joined the choir at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church there. Intrigued by the lives of the farm workers, I wrote a book about them called Immokalee's Fields of Hope.
When a documentary maker talked me into making a documentary based on the book, I wrote my first song, “Take These Hands” and we created a music video montage that we hope will touch some hearts all by itself. It had never occurred to me that I could write music, but I have discovered that when you are passionate about something, you can do a lot of things you never thought you could do.
I have written over 40 songs so far, many of them Christian songs, inspired by the people of Immokalee, the sermons of the priests there and directly from the scriptures. I wrote a second book, about a priest named Father Sanders who was based there and died at age 47 of a massive heart attack. They buried him on the church grounds where his headstone reads, “Love One Another As I Have Loved You.” Of course, I wrote a song about him, “Love One Another.”
Today life is good, and the best days are those that include as much music as possible. I'm working on performing, improving my voice and guitar and piano playing, and most importantly, studying the songwriting business and working hard to create more music.
Who knows? Maybe I'll come up with a few things that will help change the world. Peace.
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Congratulations Laureen! Stephen is taking your song for further review!! ... See MoreSee Less

Now we have Laureen Smith! Good luck, Laureen!
Laureen Smith is recognized as an exciting new songwriter to hit the Nashville market in the last few years. Having had the privilege of writing with Grammy, Country Music Award and Dove Award songwriting nominees and winners, she focuses on building a catalog of strong songs in Christian, Pop, and Country. Numerous artists including Point of Grace, Dove Award Female Artist of the Year Cindy Morgan and American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre, have recorded her songs and she has several cuts already expected this upcoming year including a duet with American Idol Finalist Skylar Lane.
Known for her preparation, Laureen comes to appointments with a hook, strong storyline and a melodic groove. She has researched the market, charts and detailed elements of her co-writers history, making writing appointments efficient and productive. “I have never set Laurie up for a co-write session that the co-writer has not called me to thank me,” says Chaz Corzine, Michael W. Smith Group Partner.
Affiliated with BMI, she owns her own publishing company and is a member of Global Songwriters Connection as well as National Songwriters Association International. She feels humbled to be a part of this creative community and blessed to call her talented co-writers dear friends.
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Stephen Rew has sent in two songs for us tonight. Let's see what Stephen says!

Stephen Rew had an amazing first year as a singer/songwriter and recording artist. After being asked to sing "Another Hero is Headed Home" at the 2013 Inspirational Country Music Awards concert, he released the song to Christian Country/Gospel stations in February 2014. It climbed to #21 on the Power Source chart and Stephen was nominated as a Top 10 New Artist of the Year in July. He was the speaker/entertainer for the 2014 ICM Membership Breakfast last November. In August he released his second song to radio ("The Day the Thunder Called My Name") and it is currently at #14 on the Inspirational Country Chart. Stephen put out a debut EP called "Everyday Heroes" on November.

He just released a third song to radio called "It's About to Rain" -- a foot-stomping tune about redemption and grace. The lyrics use a tongue twisting rhyme scheme to describe two modern day parables and a powerful Old Testament story that illustrate God's eternal love. The Biblical story is Elijah's showdown against the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel (I Kings 18). Elijah called upon the Lord to send rain after severe famine had destroyed the land. The Lord sent the rain in such a dramatic way that no one could doubt His power and His love as He called his children back home.
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