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    Trish Matthews
    Global Songwriters Member Spotlight Trish Matthews, Songwriter Just like an LP record, there are two sides to Trish’s Music Industry career. Trish has spent years working for and with songwriters around the world through...
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Tuesday Tip Day! #songwritingtips

What is one of the #1 Road Blocks to your success?

Learn what it is and how to overcome it!
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The Week Ahead #musicrownews

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed and…Another GSC Publishing Deal!

Our GSC team determined that 2014 would be the year of INCREASE for our members. All year long we have worked and focused on increasing our members visibility, connections, income, opportunities, talent, influence, and their faith in themselves.

Each year I have decided to provide to our entire membership a “Membership End-of-Year Results Report.” How appropriate that I am working on that report during the week of Thanksgiving!

Our GSC team and members have a LOT to be thankful for this year! And we are rounding out the year with MORE GOOD NEWS!

Congratulations Danni Ri and Song Rocket Music!

Magic City! Just in time for the Holiday’s …the magic of Music City is working through our GSC Events. Ms. Danni Ri from Alabama was heard at a 2014 GSC Focus Event by publisher Dallas Gregory of Song Rocket Music. Dallas called GSC immediately wanting to know more about her and was interested in the opportunity to work with her. Danni and Dallas have worked out the details and we are looking forward to an official signing. Danni will be connected to pro writers and artists for co-writing, Dallas will be pitching her song catalog and guiding Danni into the woven fabric of Music City. Your GSC Family congratulates you both, Danni and Dallas.

Here is a look ahead at the rest of the year!

Thursday and Friday, November 27, 28 - GSC Closed for Thanksgiving Holidays
Tuesday, December 2 – GSC Holiday Party at the CMA Atrium
Tuesday, December 9 – GSC PLAYS4U! Event at The Listening Room
Thursday, December 11 – POP Event featuring Woody Bomar
Thursday, December 18 – POP Event featuring Bobby Rymer

Safe travels to each of you during this Holiday Season and many memorable moments spent with those you LOVE!
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Clayton Risner is the last writer up tonight. Nancy is taking his song for further review! Congratulations, Clayton!!
It has been a great night! Make sure you check out more about Clayton below. We hope to see you here for our next POP Event happening on December 11. Have a wonderful weekend!

Clayton comes from a family with a great appreciation for life. While other kids were learning about the world in textbooks, Clayton was experiencing the globe up close and personal. Clayton spent the majority of his childhood in Nairobi, Kenya where his parents were missionaries on a quest to help those less fortunate. This artist's adventures have had a major influence on his point of view in not only the way he lives, but also in his approach to songwriting.
Starting his musical career at age seven, Clayton's first teacher always pushed him to be inventive and original with his work, it is because of this foundation he has always shown a passionate initiative in exclusive songwriting.
Clayton has performed in the most intimate of settings as well as in theaters packed with thousands. His stage presence highlights his raw emotion and electric intensity. Clayton has the unique ability to always have the audience longing for more of his unparalleled sound. Clayton was simply born to be a musician. Music is embedded deep within his soul and is waiting to be shown to the world. "Nothing completes me more than a piano and a microphone. When I play, I know that this is what I was created to do. When I write, I don't just write music, I'm putting my heart on the table for all to see. That is the only way my music can be truly effective," states Clayton. Clayton Risner is not only a rare find in the music industry, he is destined to be successful and his success will be timeless.
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So much great feedback has been given tonight. Do you think you have a song you might want to pitch? Set up a song evaluation! Click on this link to get yours set up today!

DeShana Palmer is the next writer up tonight. Read her bio below!

DeShana Palmer comes from a musical family and has been in some form of worship for about 28 years. She was born and raised in Kansa City, Missouri and enjoys the music scene that is richly embedded in her hometown.

A few years ago, she embarked on a two-year journey to seek God’s direction and plan for her life. As DeShana began to give God control, she found herself feeling more out of control of her circumstances and life; like a leaf blowing in the wind with no specific direction or purpose. This was hard for her, since DeShana was used to planning every detail of her life. God showed DeShana that it was okay not to have every hour of her day planned, and to yield every plan, outline, thought, and action to Him - the author of her life.

The first time that DeShana attended the National Worship Leader Conference, with the other members of her church worship team, the Holy Spirit began to show her that music was the path God designed for her. Shortly after, DeShana wrote her first song, and then more began to follow. She has spent the past four years researching on how to write music. After attending the GMA Immerse conference, DeShana thought that she better step up her songwriting game and immersed herself in conferences, online classes, and anything that would help her to sharpen her songwriting skills.

Now, DeShana is the co-leader of the Graceway Creative Team, a ministry at her church that primarily focuses on leading a life of worship and teaching others about the creative process of writing music.
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Earl Loar sent in one song for our POP event tonight. Check out Earl's photo and bio below.

EARL LOAR was born and raised in Newark, Ohio, where he graduated high school. It was there where Earl really developed an interest in music when he joined the choir. Later he joined the boy’s double quartet and also entered the solo contest, where he won ll1t place.
Earl's professional music interest began during the "ELVIS" era. Earl was a member of the country/rock group called "THE TRIUMPHS" that appeared for three years on Gene Fullen's Canteen on Saturday mornings on WTVN- TV. Plus appearing at his high school sock hops.
After "THE TRIUMPHS" disbanded, Earl felt he had a knack for songwriting and continued to refine his goal. With many attempts at honing his craft, Earl finally wrote a very touching song called "A CHILD I'VE NEVER SEEN" which was recorded and released in Nashville, Tennessee. This song was written for our Vietnam era.
Burnt out from music after twenty plus years of night clubs and travel, Earl placed his guitar next to his bed for ten years and never played it.
In 1997, Earl joined the "SONGWRITERS and POETS CRITIQUE" in Grove City, Ohio and the creative juices started flowing again. Now Earl is back stronger than ever and writing songs. He has recently created a children's music/coloring book with a CD entitled "KIDS AT HEART + Sing Along CD Coloring Book.
Earl said he forgot how much he missed music and intends to write songs the rest of his life.
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Mary Grace Knapp is up next. Mary Grace is a songwriting attorney from Louisiana. Learn more about her below.
She has recently co written a song called Come Hell Or High Water which is a Saints football song, which the Saints signed for their PR and Social Media sites, which had spun daily on New Orleans radio, preceding their loss last season. She then completed a Mardi Gras version of the song, entitled "This Parade is Gonna Roll”, which was in rotation at several local stations during Mardi Gras and played in multiple parades, which is currently featured on New Orleans Mardi Gras websites including kreweof, both available on Itunes. She appeared on WWL Television news on October 1, 2014 featured as a songwriter, introducing the “Saints song” and a Band performing it, as well as discussing her pending projects.
As a tribute to those impacted and lost in Hurricane Katrina she released a Utube Video to her song “Yet To Cry” on the 9th year anniversary of the Storm, which was warmly received locally. Furthermore a song from a recent Nashville session, “Dance Like No One’s Looking” was just selected as the official theme song for a local Cancer Survivor’s Benefit in New Orleans, “You Night” Runway Show in October of 2014.
She has had several songwriting irons in the Fire, multiple forwards, songs on hold and songs selected for potential use, has a catalog full of songs which she is actively pitching to artists, as well as for TV and film opportunities.
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Chuck Howard is the next writer up tonight. Learn more about him below.

An independent recording artist and songwriter from the south, he has been writing songs for over thirty years. He has been featured on ground FM and internet radio programs across the US and Europe. His full production (self titled) CD is currently available on I tunes, amazon and 40 other retail outlets across the globe including radio releases "Alabama Skies" , "Are You Available" and " Memphis to Mobile ". His album and new release " I Wear The Pants " can be found on his website
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Seyko Groves sent in two songs for review and Nancy will be taking both of them for further review! Congratulations to you Seyko! Learn more about Seyko below!

Seyko Groves currently resides in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. She deeply enjoys immersion in multiple genres of music. Seyko has been part of the rich music community of Kansas City, having a ten year run as a singer for a top Motown cover band and singing at local jazz, R&B, and country venues. Her life’s journey has taken her to wonderful places – from traveling Europe with a blues/rock band, ministering locally and outside of Missouri in a Christian hip-hop girl group, and to a few stints singing backup with the Jordanaires to Jerry Presley, covering his cousin, Elvis’s hits. She has also shared in rich communion with fellow musicians, through singing, with her worship team at Graceway Church, where she met her Voice Upon The Waters partner. Seyko is now in the midst of her biggest gig to date – being on the home team alongside her husband a four sweet children. Songwriting has been a long time coming, and Seyko can’t wait to share the life and love that God continues to bring her through.
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Blake Griffith is the next writer up. Can't wait to hear the songs he has sent over. Do you want to hear the songs, too? Sign up for our Listen Only feature. Hear what the publisher has to say and be in on the action without submitting a song for review. Sign up here:

Michael Blake Griffith is a gifted singer songwriter determined to make writing his full-time career. At 27 years old, Blake finds inspiration in the eyes of his ten month old son, Hudson. Blake and his wife, Catie, reside in the same town in which he grew up, Grand Cane, LA, thirty miles south of Shreveport, and his lyrics are often influenced by his small town experiences. In his own words, “I AM country. I live on a farm, on a dirt road, in a small town with approximately 270 people. I feel like I have something to offer the songwriting community with the small town experiences I have lived.”

His musical sound is best described as a country rock fusion, as he was heavily influenced by the southern and classic rock he listened to growing up, specifically Rod Stewart, The Black Crowes, Tom Petty, Keith Urban, George Strait, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blake started playing guitar in his early teens and soon began to dapple in songwriting and home recording. He was fascinated by the process of getting the words and music from his own head into a format that he could share with others. He sings, plays guitar, and records all of his demos in his home studio.

Blake’s goal is to one day achieve a publishing deal, be a staff writer, and able to support his family through his songwriting. He has written with several hit writers, and is working with and learning from his longtime friend and mentor, Tom Douglas, best known for writing Miranda Lambert’s CMA Song Of The Year “House That Built Me,” and Lady Antebellum’s number one hit “I Run to You.”

Currently, he works with his father in a machine shop and participates in competition barbeque, his other passion, but the music is always playing in his head and at the end of the day he rushes home to record it. He is working to follow his dream in hopes that one day his son will have the confidence to do the same.
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